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You’re already a good parent

We’ll help you get even better by helping you really understand the key principles behind highly effective child development.

Calmer, happier easier parenting for good parents

Do you find yourself swinging between the urge to deliver bigger consequences and feeling guilty for doing so? Ever banned TV or the games console and then weakened, either out of guilt or fading resolve? The love bit is easy compared to the “discipline” bit. You’ll learn how to react in the most effective and supportive way possible.

You are not alone

All parents can struggle with family life at times and on every one of our courses, you’ll meet parents just like you. Like you, they’re good parents looking for a helping hand in dealing with the stressful bits of bringing up well-rounded, happy, confident children.

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We told you not to touch, but you
couldn't help yourself could you?

Telling our children what we want is much more effective than telling them what we don't want. For more wisdom on loving with more logic, book a course place today!

Would it help if we told you not to?

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