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Thursday 1st of January 1970 from 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM

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Eventbrite - The Future Parenting Course

Three hours of distilled parenting goodness

You get the good stuff. 180 minutes of real, practical, honest-to-goodness parenting gold. We can’t answer every single parenting scenario, so we don’t try. What we do instead is give you a single strategy for calmer, happier and easier parenting. We give you lots of examples to illustrate the point. You leave a better, more confident parent.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We’re so confident that we’ll deliver on our promises, that if you’re disappointed with our course, just say and don’t pay. No quibble, they call it. You’re happy or you get your money back – it’s that simple.

The books don’t work, they just make you worse

There are two approaches to parenting. You go by your instincts and advice from partners, friends and family. Or, you research it. You buy the books, watch the TV programmes and come across a wide variety of (often contradictory) advice. And you mix and match.

There is another way

You could get someone to read all the books and do all the research for you and then get them to give you the real message that runs through all the good stuff.

We understand deeply but explain simply

Strictly no waffle, no flannel, no bunkum, hogwash, padding, blather or wish-wash.

You just get the what you need for calmer, happier, easier parenting.

NOTE: Group numbers are kept small so you get the chance to discuss any specific issues you may have.

Maximum of 20 places on this course.

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We told you not to touch, but you
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Telling our children what we want is much more effective than telling them what we don't want. For more wisdom on loving with more logic, book a course place today!

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